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Thomas and Natalie are in production now, shipment is scheduled to January 2019!
  Welcome to Whispering Grass - a site dedicated to BJD dolls created and customized by ira_scargeear.

BJD, or Ball-Jointed Dolls, are fully customizable and highly poseable dolls.

A distinctive feature of the most BJDs is a great attention to detail and thorough presentation of anatomy. BJDs consist of a many parts, strung by an elastic cord, the movement is possible due to the spherical and other types of joints, and the dolls hold poses due to the friction between the parts. BJD's eyes are usually set-in, so the owner can choose the right color of the iris and also change the direction of view. The wigs are removable.

The opportunity to express a variety of ideas, to create different characters on the same base and explore the possibilities of these wonderful dolls are the things I like the most in BJDs. I love to create my own dolls, and I have a great pleasure in playing with dolls of other authors, modifying their look accordingly to my tastes.

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