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Why limited?

All my dolls are sold during a limited periods of time. Customers just can't buy the doll at any time, instead they need to wait for a certain mold's availability. That's because I don't cast the dolls by myself but use a casting service.

So let me tell you about the BJD making process. Casting a doll requires a proper equipment like pressure pots, and costly materials, which are hazardous to the skin and need a certain precautions. That's the main reason why I prefer to use a service and not to cast at home.

The cost of each piece accumulates the cost of polyurethane resin and the cost of a silicone mold. Casting of a few heads is too expensive, and it's cheaper to order the doll parts in batches of 10 or more. That's how most of BJD manufacturers operate. Also, it's a common practice on BJD market to accept the payment for a doll and to place an order at the casting factory after that. As I use casting services which are located in Asia while I'm in Europe it all takes a lot of time to send the prototype and casted parts forth and back. So I follow the common practice.

Those customers who pay for their dolls during preorder allow me to order the casting service by their money. They need to wait 2-3 months for their dolls to arrive, but that's an usual waiting time for BJDs: customers of Soom or Latidoll could prove I'm right. That's why the price for my molds during preorder is cheaper than during the ordering period.

I usually order more heads than were preordered, and those unclaimed heads are sold after they arrive. They are sent out right after the payment received, so the waiting time is very short.

JPopDolls works by a very similar schema: they open the preorder, and only after it ends they order the whole batch at the casting factory. Usually some extra dolls are ordered: in case of loss/damage of some dolls during postage, and just a few dolls as a second chance for those who missed the preorder time.

Why I don't open the preorder period right after the previous heads were sold? I open the preorder when I feel there is a certain demand for my dolls. If only 1 or 2 heads are ordered in a month the whole batch would be sold for a very long period of time. It's not good for a one-person doll studio because it raises my expenses. So I take a certain breaks between the sale periods.

Dolls in exotic skintones, like white, tan, gray, etc. could be ordered during preorder periods only, because demand for such dolls is not common.

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Why limited?


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