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Those people who are actively in BJD hobby for several years already know this stuff, but if you just discovered the world of BJDs and begin your research this info will be useful for you.

Resin care

BJDs are made of polyurethane resin. It's a sturdy material, but there are some warnings:
- Please keep your doll away from the direct sunlight and UV rays! Resin changes its color over time due to the oxidization, and UV rays fasten the process.

To what measure the color could change? It highly depends on the various factors. Some resins show a very slight color change, some of them just fade, and some may become yellow, especially the resins with a slight transparency.

This doesn't mean you should keep the doll in a closet, but if you take it outside for the photoshoot please keep it in the shade if possible. While at home please don't put it on the windowsill under the direct light.

If the doll occasionally falls down on the solid surface its fingers could be broken, or there could be dents on its face. Please use dollstands or lean the doll on something. The bigger doll - the bigger damage from falling. That's why I prefer jointed hands for all my mature dolls, and that's why I make the tails of my Forest Dwellers jointed.

Faceup care

BJD's faceup is done with pastels, acrylics, watercolours, etc. and sealed with a spray sealants. Faceup may be scratched or rubbed off so please take care of the doll's face: try not to touch it often, turn the doll's head holding its top or nape, take the doll's head off while clothing it in the clothes with a narrow neck hole, etc. If properly done and properly handled faceup can last for years even on extensively played BJD.

If doll's face got dirty due to some accident you may gently clean it with water and a bit of a dishwashing liquid like "Fairy" using cotton swabs or pads. Any trace of dishwashing liquid should be thoroughly cleaned out because oils and grease may cause faceup damage.

Magic Block that is sold on some BJD sites also is used for a doll cleaning, including faceupped areas, but please remember that it should be done very gently, as Magic Block is an ultra-fine abrasive.

Warning: I've heard of cases when some faceups were partially removed with water only. That only means they weren't sealed thoroughly. Good faceup is never removed with water.

* * *

If you want to know more about BJDs try asking Google, it always brings some interesting stuff. You also may look at some forums listed in my Links section.

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