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Order custom mold

I'm asked from time to time if I can make a certain BJD head (or even a doll) to a customer's specification.
Yes, I can do such order, but under a certain terms.

First of all, I try my best to offer a quality product with a high level of realism, good symmetry and proper surface suitable for the perfect faceup outcome. Thus sculpting and surface treatment takes a lot of time.
Usually several months are required to finish the head and fully prepare it for the casting.

Also, polyurethane BJD production is usually done in batches, as it requires making a silicone mold that can withstand several castings. Casting companies offer the minimum quantity of a 10 heads. So, asking for commission please take in mind that 10 heads should be claimed by the customers and paid off before the production starts.
If you want only one or a few heads just for your private usage you either need to find other people who want to own the same mold (that's why group orders are usually organized on the dollie forums) or to search for another artist who agrees to work in small quantities or does an artist homemade casts.

I prefer to work in 1/3 - 70 size only, as I already know the proportions of the heads, and there are a variety of bodies available on BJD market to put those heads on. I can guarantee a good hybrid results on a certain male or female bodies that I know of. There are not so many bodies in 1/4 scale, and their proportions are not always realistic, so I can't guarantee a good match, and I don't want to produce questionable product that you don't know what to do with.

If you want to order a minimum batch of 10 heads in 1/3 size you have to provide a reference photos of the head: front, side and 3/4. The photos should be of a good quality and large enough to see the details.
If it's some famous/public person you tell me his/her name so I can look into Google and know my model better.
You have up to 5 free corrections, but my experience tells me that I'm usually done after 3 rounds of corrections, so you have a kind of allowance.
The price for 10 heads is $175 per head in case of a custom order, and the price for 20 heads is $155 per head. The shipping to the each customer is calculated individually.

I don't make a full dolls on request, as it takes much more time to finish a full doll than a head, even in a small size, and I'm too obsessed with posability and engineering to produce a poorly moving doll.
If you want to order any parts, like horns, masks, etc. and the minimum batch is still 10, please contact me for the prices.

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Order custom mold

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