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Before ordering a faceup from me please make sure you like my style. I'm open to any suggestions within the range of my abilities but my strong point is a realistic style.
All payments should be done through my Etsy shop. As Ukrainian resident I can't accept PayPal directly, so I use an intermediator that works with Etsy.
Also, by ordering a faceup from me you confirm that you agree with my rules written below. I understand that's a lot of text, but the experience of many faceup artists proves this is necessary.

Materials used
Additional services
Details you should provide about the desired faceup
What I don't do
Slots and payment
What you should know before sending me a head
How long does it take to do a faceup, and how I work
Shipping and packaging

Materials used:

- Rembrandt and Mungyo pastels, known for their nice blending and colors lasting through the years,
- Artist grade acrylic paints,
- Mr. Super Clear Mat Flat and Mat Flat with UV Cut. The top coat is always UV Cut,
- Artist grade acrylic gloss,
- Apoxie Sculpt White for additive mods.
All materials are safe to use on resin.


$90 for both SD and MSD dolls. The amount of work for me is the same.
If you have some specific requests in mind, the price may be higher.
My eyelashes: +$3
Many freckles: +$5

Additional services:

These services can be ordered additionally, if you order a faceup from me.

I offer hands and feet blushing. I can also perform slight extractive modding such as eyes opening or reshaping the tip of the nose. I don't offer modifications that cover big areas of the face.
Hands or feet blushing:
- $30 for SD,
- $25 for MSD.
Wiring of the jointed hands:
- $15 for both SD or MSD.
You can see what wiring is and how it helps to gain more control on the posing in my tutorial.
Eyes opening:
- $10 for a tiny mods like widening the eyes,
- $20 for heavy mods like opening a completely closed eyes.
I can offer eyes shape narrowing/reduction with Apoxie Sculpt if the modded area can be covered with pastels and faceup.
Please inquiry me for the prices of the custom work.

I don't offer my services for dolls smaller than MSD size, not because I can't deal with the size but because it's my personal preference. I feel my skills are demonstrated better on larger dolls. The only exception is my Forest Dwellers dolls. If you have a Forest Dweller and want to order a custom faceup, please contact me so we can discuss the price.

Details you should provide about the desired faceup:

It should be a short description of your character along with several photos: lips like here, eyebrows like here, etc. You may send me a story of your character so I can understand the task better, but not more than one page in MS Word))
When you choose your reference pictures, please take into account that the best references for me are humans, but dolls are also OK.

Also, please tell me the mold and manufacturer of the head so I can mention them in my faceup photos.

You may order a faceup to my likeness, without a detailed specifications, but only in case you like my style very much and you trust me completely.
If the head was previously modded please notify me about the mods done.

What I don't do:

1. I don't repeat existing faceup, neither mine, nor by another artist, especially on the same mold. There is always some room for alterations.
There are two exceptions:
- you already had a faceup from me, it got damaged and needs restoration,
- you order twins.
2. I don't work with bootleg/recast dolls.
3. I may reject the order if the head has major asymmetry, or if it has rough, uneven areas typical for some custom/portrait heads. In case I have any questions I will ask you for photos of the blank head.
4. I may reject the order if the customer wants a style I don't like or not able to do.
5. I may reject the order if I feel we don't find mutual understanding with a customer.

Slots opening and reserving:

I work in slots to organize my work better. No "waiting lists" are available.
Generally, you go to my Etsy shop and buy a free slot, or several slots.
If you have a specific request and the price differs from the ones in my shop please contact me, and we'll discuss the matter.
Please do not buy additional services if you don't order a faceup from me.

Please order a faceup only if you have the doll head at hand.

What you should know before sending me a head:

Please send the head in time, so as I can start working on it in the month for which the slot was taken.
Please use registered airmail or EMS only because other shipping services are somewhat complicate to receive or may require additional fees.
I recommend you to send me the wig and eyes you plan for the doll, if you have them already.


I accept blank, thoroughly cleaned heads. If you can't completely clean the head yourself and it has paint in some areas, I charge additional fee of $5.

I reserve the right to post the photos of a finished faceup of your doll on my portfolio and on public sources as examples of my work. I also reserve the right not to do this. My photos are my pleasure, your doll is your pleasure.

I'm not responsible for the damage done during shipping or lost mail. I always send the parcel with an international tracking number for you to follow its progress along the way. I strongly recommend you to do the same: please ask your post office employee how to do this properly. I also add insurance where possible, but it's up to you if you want the insurance or not: you may want to save your money and take your own risk.

I don't send parcels by EMS because it's too expensive in Ukraine. But if you agree with the cost, I can consider it too.

How long does it take to do a faceup, and how I work?

After I receive the head, I reserve 1 month to complete the order, though it could be faster.
I don't show my work stage by stage, because not every customer can imagine how the complete faceup would look, and also because it takes much longer.

After I paint the head, I send you the preview photos. At this stage you can ask me to add some color, freckles/moles, to make eyebrows thicker, etc. The main rule: I can add the paint, but not remove it!

I make my alterations, seal the faceup with Super Clear, gloss the lips and eyelids, glue the eyelashes and send the final photos to you. If you approve the faceup, I ship it back to you within 5 business days (or 5 business days after you paid the shipping cost).

If I did everything to your specifications and you changed your mind about the faceup style or details, there are two ways:
- I redo the faceup, and you'll be charged a full price again,
- I remove the faceup, refund you 50% of the faceup cost and send you the blank head.

If there are mistakes in fulfilling your specifications which are my fault, I redo the faceup for no charge.

Please remember that the faceup is an artistic work and can't be measured exactly, so there could be interpretations, to a certain point.

Shipping and packaging:

In most cases I ship the head back to you in the same box. I don't use face masks because they can rub the sides of the face or even the tip of the nose in some cases. I pack my faceups like this: cotton pads, a sheet of paper wrapped tightly around the head, a transparent film around the head. The rest of the shipping box is filled with papers to secure the head inside.

If I can't get in touch with the customer for 6 month, the head will be sold at the auction and the money shall be given to charity, excluding the cost of the faceup.

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