Komirka Chipmunk

Doll info:


Height: 10,5 cm
Points of articulation: 14 plus jointed tail
Eyes: 6 mm


Chipmunks are famous for creating extensive deposits of seeds and nuts in their homes, so they can survive long and cold winters. Komirka is obsessed with accounting and control of supplies. After he joined Forest Dwellers community he initiated the stocktaking of available food and carefully wrote down all the info into a big book.


Everyone can be sure that each bag of wheat and each head of cheese is counted now, so there is enough for the next season!

Latest release

Year of release: 2021


Skintone: walnut brown, dark gray

Walnut Brown

August 2021




(the same as for Manuna Mouse)

Mobility chart

(the same as for Manuna Mouse)

Dark Gray

August 2021