BJD faceup services for worldwide customers


Before ordering a faceup from me please make sure that you like my style. I'm open to any suggestions within the range of my abilities, but my strong point is a realistic style.

What I can do: realistic eyebrows, moles, skin texture, facial hair, wrinkles, and so on.

The best references are photos of humans, though the photos of other dolls are also allowed.


Here are my rules for a fellow BJD hobbyists.


SD size doll heads: 90 USD

MSD size doll heads or smaller: 80 USD

Facial hair, texture and so on, eyelashes are included.

Special requests such as paintings, tattoos, etc. - the price depends on complexity of the request.

Hand/feet blushing:

SD size: 22 USD

MSD size: 20 USD

Shipping: international shipping with tracking number, customer pays shipping in both ways.

Payment: by PayPal, by bank transfer.


I accept clean heads only! If there is some residue in the corners of the mouth, in the eyewells, inside the ears - I'll clean them up at no cost. But most of the head surface should be cleaned. Please kindly respect this request, as I don't have a workspace I was used to.


If you already have the eyes and the wig please provide them along with the head, so I can show you how a complete head would look.


Modifications: only subtractive modifications are available, the price depends on the complexity of the job.
Examples of what I can do:
- eyes opening/widening,
- lip mods,
- nose mods,
- face shape mods,
- scars,
- piercings,
and so on.


I don't work on recasts, never, ever! It's a customer's responsibility to send me a legit dolls only, as I'm no expert at telling recasts apart from legit dolls.



Details you should provide about the desired faceup


It should be a short description of your character along with several photos: lips like here, eyebrows like here, etc. You may send me a story of your character so I can understand the task better, but not more than one page in MS Word))

When you choose your reference pictures, please take into account that the best references for me are humans, but dolls are also OK.


Also, please tell me the mold and manufacturer of the head so I can mention them in my faceup photos.


You may order a faceup to my likeness, without a detailed specifications, but only in case you like my style very much and you trust me completely.

If the head was previously modded please notify me about the mods done.



How long does it take to do a faceup, and how I work?


After I receive the head, I reserve 1 month to complete the order, though it could be faster.
I don't show my work stage by stage, because not every customer can imagine how the complete faceup would look, and also because it takes much longer.

After I paint the head, I send you the preview photos. At this stage you can ask me to add some color, freckles/moles, to make eyebrows thicker, etc. The main rule: I can add the paint, but not remove it!

I make my alterations, seal the faceup with Mr. Super Clear, gloss the lips and eyelids, glue the eyelashes and send the final photos to you. If you approve the faceup, I ship it back to you within 5 business days (or 5 business days after you paid the shipping cost).

If I did everything to your specifications and you changed your mind about the faceup style or details, there are two ways:
- I redo the faceup, and you'll be charged a full price again,
- I remove the faceup, refund you 50% of the faceup cost and send you the blank head.

If there are mistakes in fulfilling your specifications which are my fault, I redo the faceup for no charge.

Please remember that the faceup is an artistic work and can't be measured exactly, so there could be interpretations, to a certain point.



Shipping and packaging


IMPORTANT: please ship your head with international tracking number only! Some numbers are trackable only on the territory of your country, but once the parcel is abroad it's not trackable.

Also, please mark your parcel as a gift and don't insure it for more than 20 USD, otherwise customs taxes will be applicable. I won't pick up such parcels.
If you want to insure your parcel please be ready to pay the customs tax fee prior to receiving your parcel by me.


In most cases I ship the head back to you in the same box. I don't use face masks because they can rub the sides of the face or even the tip of the nose in some cases. I pack my faceups like this: cotton pads, a sheet of paper wrapped tightly around the head, a transparent film around the head. The rest of the shipping box is filled with papers to secure the head inside.

Contact me for details: by email, you can also PM me on Instagram or Facebook.

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