ball-jointed dolls & accessories

Great news!!! After 1.5 months in transit by EMS (can't believe it took so long by expedited shipping) a batch of Mr. Ropuha Toads arrived! It took more than half a year since preorder opened in December 2021. Still, taking to account the war in Ukraine and my evacuation to Poland, it's not so bad, huh?


I'd like to thank everyone who kept their deposits: you'll receive your dolls soon!
I contacted those who ordered Ropuhas but asked for a refund: they have a second chance to obtain their toads.

After 1 week from today, or earlier, unclaimed dolls will be available for purchase. Currently 2 extra Ropuhas are already available.


I'll finish drilling, stringing and painting all the dolls from this batch in a week or two, then I'll ship the dolls.


All new items are now in Telegram: WGrassBJD channel!

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