ball-jointed dolls & accessories
Free patterns for Forest Dwellers
2024-06-30 11:42 Free patterns for Forest Dwellers animal BJDs are added to my site and available for download. If you have a Forest Dweller you can sew something for them or commission an outfit from a seamstress. ...
Male Smuzhka fullsets & casting status
2023-12-27 15:30 Two Smuzhka Raccoon fullsets are available in my Shop. Also the preorder has ended, and the casting started!
Khitrula Fox fullset
2023-10-23 20:01 The very last Khitrula of this batch, in Sandy Brown color, Autumn Fullset, is available for purchase in my Shop. It's the very last fox in this color! You can also see the video on Youtube.  ...
BJD Arabian/Islamic Prince outfit for 65-70 cm dolls
2023-10-16 13:31 New outfit is available in my Shop! Gorgeous Islamic set for a prince, with a lightweight armor pieces. Great for hunting and trips on a horseback.
Norse Medieval outfit
2023-09-06 16:56 This One Of A Kind set is created in collaboration of Ukrainian fashion designer Victor Zavadsky and myself. The cape is made by him, and the dress, the head band & the necklace are made by me. We bot...
Two outfits
2023-06-27 18:36 While I'm working on my first 3D sculpts, I sew outfits in the meantime. Goddess of Sunset outfit and Boho outfit are added to my Shop.
Two more outfits
2023-06-07 15:17 Made two dresses out of vintage saris: Medieval outfit and Renaissance Boho outfit. Available in my Shop.
Two new outfits
2023-05-27 16:01 These are absolutely different: a French Rococo outfit and Berber Queen outfit. Available in my Shop.
Ukrainian traditional costume: embroidery - part 4
2023-05-18 18:23 4rd part of my Ukrainian traditional costume embroidery series of articles is live! This part is dedicated to the stitches that weren't included into the previous parts.
Turkish harem dancer outfit
2023-04-25 18:52 The third outfit in my recent Turkish Harem series is for Turkish Dancer. With a lot of jewelry and impressuve Turkish hat, she entertains other harem inhabitants. The outfit is available in my Shop....

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