ball-jointed dolls & accessories

I'm happy to announce my 1st doll made in 3D software, and it's updated Smuzhka Raccoon v.2!

I did some changes to the design and significantly reworked the jointing system for a better posability. The joints are very precise now and allow to perform even the tiniest movements even without hot gluing or any enhancements.

Please watch this video on my Youtube channel to see how the new joints are working.


Preorder on this doll is opened today. The dolls will be available in Sandy Pale and Ash Gray skintones.
The preorder ends on December 26th, 2023. You can order your raccoon in my Shop.
Layaway up to 3 parts is available! Please read more info on Layaway terms & conditions.

All new items are now in Telegram: WGrassBJD channel!

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