As Etsy closed my Digital Shop with tutorials and patterns I moved all of my digital stuff to my shop on Seller-Online Market. You can buy all of my previous tutorials and patterns there, and a completely new tutorial on making shoelasts.


What are shoelasts and when do you need them?
These are necessary when you want to make a shaped shoes or boots the ones that hold their shape in both front and back and have those perfect rounded (or pointed, depending on a chosen design) tips. Such shoes are mostly made out of genuine leather, but can be made out of artificial leather or fabric as well.

I make my BJD shoes mostly out of genuine leather, and many designs are literally impossible to make without shoelasts.

There are two methods available:
- making the shoelasts from the scratch, based on doll feet measurementsd only,
- making a paper mache mockup first, and then building the shoelasts around that mockup.

Each method has its own pros and cons. I provide both, so you can choose the one that suits you better.