ball-jointed dolls & accessories
Sculpting tools and materials
2022-01-23 09:41 Sculpting tools and materials   Content: Soft clays, waxes & plasticines. Castilene 2-part epoxy putties. Apoxie Sculpt Plaster molds. Silicone molds Primers Self-hardening clays. Mungyo Sculpt...
The Ultimate Guide on Glues
2022-01-22 22:03 The Ultimate Guide on Glues   I use so many kinds of glues in my crafts, and I realised that the valuable info is scattered through several articles and videos, so I decided to make a post dedicated...
Wiring jointed hands video tutorial
2022-01-22 20:51 Wiring jointed hands video tutorial   I'm a great fan of jointed hands: I purchased them for my first doll back in 2009. But I discovered soon that they were too unstable for my taste: didn'...
Stringing BJD doll: principles, methods, hints
2022-01-22 17:04 Stringing BJD doll: principles, methods, hints   Ball-jointed dolls are strung with elastic string. It's a cord consisting of many rubber strings covered with a braid. When you buy a doll it'...
Manuna Mice available
2022-01-19 20:47 Manuna Mice are back in stock! There are two extra mice that I kept in case of the shipping issues, and since everyone received their mice I'm offering these two for sale. There is ONE walnut brow...
New shoes
2021-12-29 18:10 A lot of new slippers are added to my Shop. They're available in 3 sizes: 7x3 cm feet, 7.5x3.3 cm feet and 8.5x3 cm feet.  
Telegram channel
2021-12-28 21:12 Whispering Grass has Telegram channel now!  
Green/Orange Boho outfit
2021-12-28 19:14 A new outfit in Boho style is available in my Shop. Vintage sari was used for the dress, and I created a jewelry set.  
Uzbek Samarkand costume
2021-12-20 20:09 Exclusive One Of A Kind Uzbek Samarkand outfit is available in my Shop.  
Mrs. Ropuha Toad preorder
2021-12-10 09:07 Mrs. Ropuha Toad preorder is opened! Lime Green skintone was chosen for this release. The preorder ends on January 10th, 2022. You can order your toad in my Shop.  

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