ball-jointed dolls & accessories
Medieval set
2021-12-07 18:31 One Of A Kind Medieval set created in collaboration of Ukrainian fashion designer Victor Zavadsky and myself is available in my Shop.  
Komirka Chipmunk batch processed
2021-12-01 18:27 All preordered Komirka Chipmunks are on the way to their new homes, and a few extra chipmunks are still available on my site.  
New shoes
2021-11-29 18:01 A lot of new slippers are added to my Shop. They're available in 3 sizes: 7x3 cm feet, 7.5x3.3 cm feet and 8.5x3 cm feet.  
Manuna Mouse batch processed
2021-11-11 21:03 Those who purchased Manuna Mice on preorder and right after will receive their dolls soon! All dolls are shipped. I reserved a few dolls, both in walnut brown and dark gray, in case of damage or loss ...
Instagram account name changed
2021-10-17 16:06 I changed my Instagram account to @wgrassbjd. Stay tuned!
New shoes
2021-10-16 18:14 A lot of new slippers are added to my Shop. They're available in 3 sizes: 7x3 cm feet, 8x3.3 cm feet and 8.5x3 cm feet. And two modern designs are also added: White Retro sandals and Male flat Bei...
New outfits
2021-10-11 19:08 New designs are on my site again: a German Scholar costume for Soom Idealian 72 size and Romani costume for 42-45 cm dolls. Also you can purchase a pure brass crown from Victor Zavadsky. All items ar...
New furniture
2021-09-29 22:07 A lot of furniture items have been added to my Shop. There are new designs, such as Moroccan foldable table and Art Nouveau foldable chair.
Google reviews available
2021-09-21 20:03 Whispering Grass is on Google Maps now! If you purchased anything from Whispering Grass please leave a review.  
King George outfit
2021-09-18 21:12 I'm so proud with this new set, as it fits two pretty different bodies. Available in my Shop.    

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