Babylonian Dancer set
2020-12-15 17:47 Babylonian Harem Dancer set for 60-67 cm dolls, fits Iplehouse EID, Dollshe, Soom Idealian, Fairyland FeePle 65, etc.⁠ All jewelry in this set is created by Victor Zavadsky, I made matching clothes.⁠ ...
Two Glastonbury chairs
2020-12-13 13:13 New Glastonbury folding chairs are available in my Etsy shop. Fit 60-70 cm dolls. Lightweight, can be easily folded.  
Ropuhas arrived
2020-10-23 20:57 Great news! Mr. Ropuha Toads arrived from the factory, so I'll ship the blanks in a day or two. Then I have to paint the rest of the batch, as most toads were ordered with faceup and blushing, and...
New shoes
2020-10-14 17:06 New slippers are in my Etsy shop!⁠ Most of them are for 7x3 cm feet, one pair is for 8x3.3 cm feet.⁠  
New outfits
2020-09-26 09:59 New outfits are available on my Etsy: