ball-jointed dolls & accessories


I prefer to create outfits that are adjustable so they could be worn by dolls with both slim and wide body types. So I developed a set of designs that can be adjusted with ropes and stretchy cords. Only doll's height +/- 5 cm is what matters to understand if this design would fit.


I take my inspiration in period & ethnic clothing: a variety of styles, rich textures, woven patterns feed my creativity. I'm always in a search of a cool fabrics, because a great fabric can make even a simple dress look stunning. I discovered a world of pure silk vintage Indian saris which are used in a lot of my garments. I often visit thrift stores: some of my lucky catches were made there. I also have a great source of remnants of designer fabric collections: they always order more and have some leftovers.


Accessories are a great additions to any costume, so I make jewelry, hats, belts, veils and so much more.


Hats & Jewelry