ball-jointed dolls & accessories


As my outfits required a proper footwear I started making shoes too. My designs are based on period, ethnic and classic shoe types.


I create custom shoes & boots for the feet of 5 cm and bigger. I make a simpler designs that don't require shoelasts - mostly ethnic, ancient and early Medieval designs, and also a more elaborate designs for which I have quite a collection of shoelasts.


I use genuine leather and fabric mostly. Each pair is created entirely by hand and requires a certain skill and knowledge. Like, I have to use 4 kinds of glue for a certain designs to achieve the best effect.


I try to achieve a realistic look for my footwear. As many BJDs have only flat feet I developed a design with supporting inlays that both has a flat sole inside to fully support the flat feet, and also has a natural instep arch on the outside. Strong wire provides support to the shoes silhouette, especially for a high heeled designs.

Shoes & Boots

Slippers & Historical