I always was an "out of the box" thinker. It caused me a lot of troubles in my life when I had to fit in, but I was able to take a full advantage when I joined LARP community and later used my skills for doll crafts.


I created a plenty of tutorials since I joined BJD hobby in 2009. Maybe you've already seen some of my stuff even not knowing it's mine, as some files were reposted many times with my copyrights removed.


Here are the resources where you can study my experience on various sides of our diverse hobby.


These tutorials are very detailed with 100+ hi-res photos in each tutorial, supporting each step of the process. A lot of tips and how-tos are included: these  are mostly developed by me out of my experience. You can purchase my tutorials in my shop on Seller-Online Market:

Digital PDF

I share a lot of my knowledge on my Patreon as well. There are posts about sewing, shoemaking, BJD faceups, furniture making, decorating & painting, jewelry making, hat making, and many other stuff. I do posts on the interesting commissions that I receive, and on my own complex projects: one or several posts per one project. I started posting on my Patreon in 2019, and I make at least two posts in a month.


There are also guide posts: each post is dedicated to a certain matter. Here are the most important ones:


Making anatomical wig with defined hair line and custom wefts on glue  - making a fitting wig on a glued headcap and wefts made to your needs
Making "lace" realistic wig for BJD - making a fitting wig on a glued headcap and with hairs sewn strand by strand
Robert's head: progress pics and creation hints - a process of sculpting a realistic BJD head from the layout to the finish
Sculpting tools and materials Part 1 - plasticine and wax clays for prototyping, sculpting tools for those mediums

Sculpting tools and materials Part 2 - 2-part epoxy clays, plaster and silicone molds, sanding, priming, respiratory gear

Sculpting tools and materials Part 3 - air-dry clays, evening out the joints
The Ultimate Guide on BJD jewelry supplies - common types, where to find, how to use, also required toos for jewelry assembly
The Ultimate Guide on Glues - various types of glues, pros and cons of each type, hints on where to use each type
Making painted eyeballs for BJD doll tutorial - a step by step guide on making a realistically looking eyeballs that don't require casting - only paints
Making Indian Wedding Sherwani or Pheta Turban hat tutorial - a detailed tutorial on making an ethnic hat on a felt base: about 50 photos of the process
Wiring jointed hands tutorial - a must have for any owner who wants to improve a posability of jointed hands significantly

Stringing a BJD: principles, methods, hints - where to buy rope, how much to cut, how to string your BJD in a smart way, tools needed

Guide + Tips on Faceups Part 1 - overview of pastels, paints, pencils, other mediums, airbrushes

Guide + Tips on Faceups Part 2 - holding the doll parts, cleaning the head before faceup, painting order, applying varnish tips.

BJD Eyelashes Guide + Tutorial - types of eyelashes, how to alter human eyelashes, how to apply eyelashes on a doll, how to remove them.


Most of the posts are free, and each new post is available only to patrons for 2 weeks, then it's available to everyone too.


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