ball-jointed dolls & accessories


I always was an "out of the box" thinker. It caused me a lot of troubles in my life when I had to fit in, but I was able to take a full advantage when I joined LARP community and later used my skills for doll crafts.


I created a plenty of tutorials since I joined BJD hobby in 2009. Maybe you've already seen some of my stuff even not knowing it's mine, as some files were reposted many times with my copyrights removed.


Here are the resources where you can study my experience on various sides of our diverse hobby.

Digital PDF

These tutorials are very detailed with 100+ hi-res photos in each tutorial, supporting each step of the process. A lot of tips and how-tos are included: these are mostly developed by me out of my experience. Available in the Shop of my Creative Blog:

I also make my 3D models of various stuff for dolls, that you can download and print on 3D printer for yourself.

Here is my first STL file available in the Shop of my Creative Blog:


You'll find a lot of useful tips and how-tos in these articles, for free! There are posts about sewing, shoemaking, BJD faceups, furniture making, decorating & painting, jewelry making, hat making, and many other stuff.

BJD care:

BJD making:

Wig making:



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