ball-jointed dolls & accessories

Important announce: since one of my payment intermediators - Seller Online - closed the personal payments links option, all payments for physical goods are moving to Western Bid via personal listings on their service Lavky.

Western Bid is the first intermediator I started working with in 2014 when I opened my Etsy shop. It's a reliable company that processes PayPal payments, so my customers have 180 days of protection after purchase. I value my reputation above everything, so I prefer to process layaways and payments from all new customers under PayPal protection.


Also, Buymeacoffee service where I have my Creative Blog, introduced Shops, so I moved all my digital files there. They're available right after download, and you even don't have to register there. The system only asks your name or whatever nickname you want to provide, and email. After that you can pay with credit card or Google Pay.

Please read updated Payment Options & Terms for more details.

All new items are now in Telegram: WGrassBJD channel!

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