I was quite busy for a few days, because I was installing a shop into my site. It means much more control for me and a few benefits for my customers as well.


I use Ecwid as my shop engine, and I'll be using another payment intermediator to accept payments who allows me to send you payment links. All orders will be reviewed by myself, and shipping quotes will be more accurate than on Etsy.


As you may know Etsy started to collect Sales Tax from all orders made from US, they recently started to collect VAT from UK customers, and VAT for EU customers is to follow in July. My intermediator only collects Sales Tax from Pennsylvania, US, all other customers don't need to pay it. So you'll save on your orders.


I can also accept payments by PaySend, Wise, Western Union. If you trust me enough you can chose these payment options and save 7% on top of your orders.


And first 10 orders receive 20% off: use WGOPEN20 coupon!