Whispering Grass temporarily moves to Poland


On February 24th, at 5 AM Russia hit cities of Ukraine with its missiles.


We had a flu at that time, so we could evacuate only in a week since the war begun: I, my 2 children and my old dad. We took just a few personal belongings and a bit of food, as we didn't have a car. It means I couldn't take any tools and supplies with me.

All my stuff has left in Ukraine, as well as my dolls. My hubby also stays there.


All physical goods can't be shipped at the moment. If you want some of my stuff you can place your order on my site, and I'll send you a payment link after I'm sure it may be shipped safely.


Nobody knows when it will be safe enough to return to Ukraine with two small kids. It may take months. Please kindly understand.


In the meanwhile I'm buying art supplies to offer faceup services. Polish customers will have a special prices. Please keep an eye on the announces!


Also you can buy my digital tutorials and patterns. It's my only source of income till I'll be able to paint dolls.

All new items are now in Telegram: WGrassBJD channel!

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