ball-jointed dolls & accessories


All of my furniture is made of a high quality plywood which is precisely cut on a laser cutting machine. I commission laser cutting, that's why I do stuff in batches.


I create furniture in a vector-editing software starting with design and layout. It's easy to do the changes on this stage: to alter size and proportions, add or remove details, etc.


After I'm done with design I divide it to a set of pieces, adding pegs, holes and so on, so I could assemble the furniture.


Some of my items are foldable, and some are demountable, because it's so good for storage and transportation. Foldable chairs are easy to take to a photoshoot or meetup.


Most of my furniture are made for a bigger dolls, like 1/3 scale (60-70+ cm high) and 1/4 scale (40-45 cm high), because it's hard to find furniture in this scale.

Turkish Folding Chair

A simple yet classy chair with an easy folding design: just move the front legs forward and lower the seat on it!


Fits 60-70 cm BJD dolls or similar.

Also available in 1/4 scale on request.


Materials: plywood, colored varnish.


Total width: 18 cm
Total height: 49 cm
Seat height: 15.3 cm
Seat depth: 12 cm

Glastonbury Chair

Folding chair made after a XVI chair from Glastonbery Abbey. Easily foldable with movable pieces and a pair of pegs.


Available in scales:

1/3 for 60-70 cm BJD dolls or similar,

1/4 for 40-45cm BJD dolls or similar.

Materials: plywood, colored varnish, textile, foam rubber.


For 1/3 scale:

Total height: depending on the backseat design
Total width: 26 cm
Seat height: 23 cm


For 1/4 scale:

Total height: depending on the backseat design
Total width: 16 cm
Seat height: 11 cm