ball-jointed dolls & accessories
BJD high heel shoes for DollShe Amanda/Erica 65 cm
2024-05-23 17:57 Several pairs of these beautiful shoes are available. I added a new type of sole with a channel for ribbon stringing, which allows to tighten the ribbons as much as you want.
Video tutorial on restringing BJDs
2024-04-26 15:50 I already had a textual tutorial with photos on restringing, but better one time see than 100 times hear. So here is my new video about restringing BJDs. I show tools and supplies used, share my tips ...
Extra raccoons and mice
2024-02-20 19:09 Manuna Mouse preorder just closed! Thanks a lot for those who ordered their mice! I ordered extra mice, so you still can purchase your Manuna in my Shop. Smuzhka Raccoons batch arrived, and first ra...
Manuna Mouse preorder is opened!
2024-01-15 15:23 I redid Manuna Mouse in 3D as well, so welcome new mice with double joints in limbs and overall better quality! Preorder on this doll is opened today. The dolls will be available in White and Apricot...
Male Smuzhka fullsets & casting status
2023-12-27 15:30 Two Smuzhka Raccoon fullsets are available in my Shop. Also the preorder has ended, and the casting started!
Making doll boater hat tutorial
2023-11-29 12:37 Do you want to learn how to make those tiny hats that I made for my Smuzhka Raccoons? Check out "Making doll boater hat" tutorial in my Creative Blog.
Smuzhka Raccoon preorder is opened!
2023-11-26 10:58 I'm happy to announce my 1st doll made in 3D software, and it's updated Smuzhka Raccoon v.2! I did some changes to the design and significantly reworked the jointing system for a better posab...
Changing payment intermediator, digital files on Buymeacoffee
2023-11-06 16:31 Important announce: since one of my payment intermediators - Seller Online - closed the personal payments links option, all payments for physical goods are moving to Western Bid via personal listings ...
Khitrula Fox fullset
2023-10-23 20:01 The very last Khitrula of this batch, in Sandy Brown color, Autumn Fullset, is available for purchase in my Shop. It's the very last fox in this color! You can also see the video on Youtube.  ...
BJD Arabian/Islamic Prince outfit for 65-70 cm dolls
2023-10-16 13:31 New outfit is available in my Shop! Gorgeous Islamic set for a prince, with a lightweight armor pieces. Great for hunting and trips on a horseback.

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