Khitrula Fox

Doll info:


Height: 20 cm
Points of articulation: 14 plus jointed tail
Eyes: 12 mm


Before moving to The Forest, Khitrula Foxes used to live in a big city. They brought a latest fashion trends with them - looking at Mr. Khitrula's bowler hat or at Mrs. Khitrula's "walking" dress with a train you immediately know that it's a person who watches closely the fashion tendencies.

And they brought that fashion vibe with them. Mr. Khitrula is a hairdresser, and Mrs. Khitrula makes all sorts of cosmetic lotions, potions, perfumes and creams. Their travel case is full of scissors, brushes, haircombs, various vials, jars, pots and other beauty stuff.

Latest release

Year of release: 2017


Skintone: ginger


September 2017




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