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Smuzhka Raccoon v.2

Doll info:


Height: 18 cm
Points of articulation: 18 plus jointed tail
Eyes: 10 mm


Smuzhka Raccoon and his family are an important part of a big and friendly Forest Dwellers community. Raccoons moved from the West several years ago and soon earned a reputation of a respectable citizens. They do a lot of work with their nimble fingers. Smuzhka does every kind of small repairs like eyeglasses, umbrellas and watches, and his wife is good at sewing and embroidery. Other animals gladly use their services.

Latest release

Year of release: 2023


Skintone: Sandy Pale, Ash Gray



November 2014


September 2017

Sandy Pale

November 2023

Ash Gray

November 2023


Mobility chart

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Smuzhka Raccoon v.1

Doll info:


Height: 18 cm
Points of articulation: 16 plus jointed tail
Eyes: 12 mm